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Visual Design Studio
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Template is a visual design studio run by Lasse van den Bosch Christensen and Marlon Harder. Our work takes on any form of graphic design and digital development: from classic printed matter to web programming or a mix between the two.

More about our work process.

Write us at contact(at)template01.info, give us a call at +31 (0)6 57 77 28 91 or visit us at Mathenesserdijk 416h, 3026 GV Rotterdam, the Netherlands

As a studio we are dedicated to every phase of the design process, starting each assignment from scratch and following it through to a fully developed concept or identity.

Rapid prototyping is a central key in our workprocess. In conversation with our clients we constantly test and probe the practice of our ideas leading to series of refinements, versions and improvements to the final outcome.

We continuously explore (new and old) tools and media, coming to solutions outside of the ordinary; an approach visible in the projects we've done over the last years.

Selected projects:

EDIT THIS POST, is a simple site where writers can collaborate on texts in real time. The backend of Edit This Post is running Etherpad. EDIT THIS POST is traveling with the performance and dance festival Moving Futures.

The Art School Reinvented is an ongoing web-to-print publication where each individual reader can print their own selection.

Part showcase, part recipe book, this publication is a blog-like overview of works from the artists Roelof Roscam Abbing and Dennis de Bel. R&D: a low-end rich media publication stretches to nearly 200 pages; showing their prototypes, try-outs and designs (created during a two year collaboration). Their work makes a playful case for rethinking and reconsidering media and communications technologies.

We're working with the Institute for Environmental Studies at VU, Amsterdam on a visualisation project concerning global climate governance. The data collected on a single spreadsheet is turned into different views that allow visitors to highlight and sort the information to fit their personal preference.

Utopia van de kunstkritiek is an experimental publication on the current and distant future of art criticism. It contains nine articles with various content, design and functionality; ranging from long-reads, flowcharts to podcasts and image-essays.

A series of A4 tear-off business cards for Annet Dekker and Annette Wolfsberger, rounding up their visual identity that started with the checkbox-heavy concept of http://aaaan.net.

The concept of Localhost's website revolves around the idea of Reading, Writing and Executing. The website is part wiki, part directory listing—as the wiki is updated with new content, the file tree lets the visitor explore where this information is stored and which permissions are granted to it.

For Momu & No Es' exhibition HIGHWAY (1646, Den Haag) we designed 25 stickers with multiple versions. They form snippets and fragments of the HIGHWAY universe; a place between digital, dream and acid tripping highway agencies.

Aaaan.net functions as a hub that communicates the projects of Annet Dekker, Annette Wolfsberger and Sandra Fauconnier. Initially all blog posts are displayed, but filters let the visitor sort the content in an open matter, visually affecting the website in the process.

The graduation catalog for Piet Zwart Institute Media Design 2014 is a mix of sources. Pictures from the exhibition 'Unlinked', excerpts from graduate theses and, most importantly, project pages from the self served Piet Zwart wiki that were directly printed from the browser window.

The website for London based fashion designers Trager Delaney is influenced by the framesets that appeared on websites frequently during the 90s. More simple and stylized, the site's columns can be resized or collapsed, at the same time changing the content within the frame.